Taking a Break

School starts in two days. It’s going to be the second semester and I’m expecting myself to be busy. I won’t be able to post here for a long time. Maybe five months. The semester ends at the last week of May so I might do a comeback post during the first week of June. For now, I will take a break on posting here unless there is a project or assignment that requires us to do a blog post just like the Duterte Drug War reaction post. Despite my break on posting in this blog, I will still be active in social media. I find it funny that it coincides with the inauguration of Pres. Donald Trump (I can’t believe that I get to say it). I will take a break for now. See you all in around five months. You may read my old posts although it’s few but, still, read it since I’m on hiatus.


La La Land – My Review

LLL d 29 _5194.NEF

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I finally watched this film in cinema. One of the questions that came to my mind as I watch this is that if the film deserves every awards that they received so far and if the hype is worth it. La La Land is considered as the Oscar frontrunner this awards season. Here’s my review in which I will discuss my thoughts about the film.

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74th Golden Globe Awards – My Reaction


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We’re done with the Golden Globe awards which is considered as the hardcore beginning of the awards season. As usual, there were happy, surprises and snubs on the list of winners. We get to see a sneak peek on what we might witness at the Oscars. There were so many stars. It was hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Now, I will do a rundown of my reactions on the ceremony and the winners.

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Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds – My Short Reaction


Photo by HBO

I just watched this beautiful documentary. I was thinking if I should do a review of the documentary but, after watching it, I have no words to say but it’s simply beautiful which is why I decided to just do a short reaction. The documentary featured what we love about the relationship between Carrie and Debbie and it was everything. The home videos of young Carrie and her brother Todd are extraordinary (plus it’s in colored). From beginning to end, it’s beautiful. I really have no words to say but beautiful.

Watching this became special after the sad events that happened almost two weeks ago and it’s a great tribute. It’s great that they were able to do this documentary and they captured what their relationship looks like. It’s just so beautiful. We learned some great facts about them. We already knew some of them like Debbie’s massive film memorabilia collection especially the iconic ruby shoes. The surprise of the documentary for me is the appearance of Eddie Fisher which was filmed three months before his death. I also love Carrie’s house. It’s so nice and it’s now my house goal.

Saying “beautiful” won’t do justice on how great this documentary is because it’s beyond beautiful. I hope that Hollywood will make a museum of film memorabilia named after Debbie Reynolds. It should happen. We will miss Carrie and Debbie so much. They were wonderful human beings. They were icons. They were everything.

Happy New Year!


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Happy New Year, everyone! I know that 2016 was the worst year ever because of the things that happened. Let’s just hope that 2017 will be a good year for all of us. Let’s be positive about what life will offer us this year. All I know is that there will be three Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that we should wait for this year so that’s already a good sign. So, I’m wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

R.I.P. Debbie Reynolds


Photo by The Inquisitr

Not again. 2016 is really the worst year ever now. I’m posting three R.I.P. posts in a row. We just lost the legendary Debbie Reynolds a day after her daughter Carrie died. It’s just sad that she passed away right after her daughter’s death. Maybe she just wanted to join him (her son Todd mentioned it according to the reports). Words can’t describe how sad and devastating this news is. Debbie Reynolds was one of the remaining Hollywood royalties. She was known for her iconic role on Singin’ in the Rain, one of my favorite musical films of all time. She was so great there and she can sing, dance and act. Plus, before I slept last night, I was watching Oprah’s interview with Debbie and Carrie and it was just heartwarming to see them together. Now, they’re both gone. I don’t know how to express my sadness and grief regarding the deaths of Debbie and Carrie. It’s just so devastating.

May you rest in peace, Ms. Reynolds together with your daughter Carrie. My heart goes to Billie Lourd.

R.I.P. Carrie Fisher


2016 is officially the worst year ever. We just lost our beloved Princess Leia. Like the rest of the galaxy and millions of Star Wars fans around the world, I’m sad and devastated about the news of Carrie Fisher’s death. Besides her immortalized role of Princess Leia, I will also miss her wit on her interviews. I always love to watch her interviews and it never fails to make me laugh. She’s simply one of the funniest women ever. I have no words to say about this because it’s just so devastating. I just want to thank her for the autograph photo. I will treasure it.

Condolence to Debbie Reynolds, Billie Lourd and the rest of her family. We will miss you so much. May the Force be with you always.

R.I.P. George Michael

I want to pay tribute to the late George Michael, one of the most awesome singers of all time. I was shocked and sad when I learned about his death on Christmas Day which also turned out to be his Last Christmas. I love some of his songs (including the ones from Wham!). He’s such a legend. We will miss you.

Merry Christmas!


Photo by DreamWorks

Merry Christmas, everyone! Have a happy holiday. Be thankful for every gift that you will receive even though it’s just a shirt which is a sign that they’re too lazy to think about what they are going to give to you. But, anyways, the most important is the spirit of Christmas. So, once again, Merry Christmas!

Also, get well soon to Carrie Fisher. May the Force be with you.

Here Comes the Awards Season

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Photo by Summit Entertainment

It’s currently the awards season in Hollywood. It’s the season where films that want to receive Oscar nominations will have a limited release in cinemas this December for eligibility then they will go wide in January. It’s also the season where you will see a lot of FYC campaigns and films that were shot earlier this year just in time for the season. Now, let’s talk about it.

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