La La Land – My Review

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Photo by Summit Entertainment

I finally watched this film in cinema. One of the questions that came to my mind as I watch this is that if the film deserves every awards that they received so far and if the hype is worth it. La La Land is considered as the Oscar frontrunner this awards season. Here’s my review in which I will discuss my thoughts about the film.

As I exit the cinema, I have this feeling that I can’t explain. I don’t usually feel that way whenever I exit the cinema. It took me hours to process the beauty of the film. So my answer to the question if the film deserves all the awards and the hype is YES. The film is beautiful. It’s magical. It’s perfect. There is nothing more to say. I believe words can’t even describe how beautiful this film is and how I love it so much. It won’t do any justice at all. I even posted word of mouth in my social media accounts so that, whoever reads it, they will think about watching the movie. My review of the movie is simply watch it. Any reviews that you read (including this) won’t convince you that the film is so beautiful. Watching it will convince you that the film is beautiful.

Every single frame in this film is a work of art. The colors are so bright and alive. You will feel the sunny Los Angeles from the beginning to end whether it’s day or night. The element that strike me the most is the cinematography. They used continuous long takes a lot especially in musical numbers. You can’t help but notice it when you watch the film and it will blow your mind as how they managed it especially on the musical numbers. Birdman blew my mind when I watched it because the whole movie is just one continuous long take but La La Land is more mind blowing because they used it in musical numbers and I can’t imagine the work that they did to pull it off. I want to praise the cinematographer for his exceptional job. I will also praise the editor because I bet that he had a hard time on editing the film as well but it was also worth it for him.

The production design is one of the aspects that also made the film sunny and bright. It captured the film’s love letter to the city of angels in the best way. Some of the sets in the film are reminders of the old Hollywood musicals and it’s such a perfect nod. They didn’t imitate it but they gave a perfect homage. It’s a combination of past and present. It’s just so lovely and it made the film enjoyable to watch.

The musical score captured the mood of Los Angeles and it tied so well on the scenes. Justin Hurwitz is a genius. It really reminds me of the old Hollywood musicals and he did it so well that it sounded like fresh which is what should it be. The musical score will mark the audience because of how astounding it is. The same thing with the songs. The songs were well-written, clever and used well in the musical numbers. They captured Los Angeles once again. Words can’t even describe how beautiful the songs are. They were all perfect. The same thing with the choreography. They were all perfect as well. It was fantastic. It’s really like an old Hollywood musical. It will blow your mind. The musical numbers were crafted very well. It made me wanna imitate Ryan and Emma’s dances in the movie. My favorite number is “A Lovely Night”. It’s just so damn perfect.


Photo by Summit Entertainment

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone gave a great performance. They deserve every awards that they got so far and the Oscar nominations that they are expected to receive. It will be not be surprising if they will win. I know that there are few people who said that their singing weren’t top notched. I could agree on that but I accept it because it is intended to be that way. They are playing dreamers who wasn’t able to achieve dreams and they have to reflect that because it’s the reality. It didn’t bother me so much because I know that it was intended to be that way. Plus, I love their singing. I thought it was great. The best part of their performance has to be the dancing. They were great dancers. I can’t describe how much I love their dancing because it’s really great. Ryan Gosling might be our generation’s Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly. Emma Stone is Ginger Rogers or Debbie Reynolds. Regarding their acting, they were both great as well. Emma Stone’s best acting scene would be when she performed “Audition (The Fools Who Dream”. It gave me goosebumps. Ryan Gosling’s best acting scene for me is when he played the piano in the restaurant managed by J.K. Simmons’ character. His body movements would made you believe that he is a great piano player and he loves jazz so much. They were great leads in the film.

The opening scene was brilliant. One of the best opening scenes of a movie ever. It’s on the level of Saving Private Ryan. The same thing with the ending of the movie. It’s a very satisfying ending that is very memorable and it was brilliantly paced. The ending wasn’t necessarily happy but it was satisfying in a way that you will not bother that it didn’t end happily but you know that it’s the best ending because it’s the reality and kinda relatable. I can’t explain in words how much it was a great ending.

La La Land is a brilliant film. It’s an instant classic that is going to be remembered in decades to come. Damien Chazelle made one of the best films today that is both favored by the audience and the critics. He did a great job on directing the film into an instant classic. He also did a great job on writing the film into a perfectly crafted love story musical. I can see it included in lists of greatest movies of all time for years or decades to come. It’s a perfect, magical and brilliant film. I’m glad that I watched it in the cinema. I encourage anyone to watch it in cinema because watching it in your laptops or tablets with earphones won’t do justice to the magic and beauty of the film. I’m ending my review to a clip of my favorite musical number in the film. I want to take note that it’s not the full clip. It’s just a teaser. There’s more to that after this scene and it’s magical, mind-blowing and iconic.


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