74th Golden Globe Awards – My Reaction


Photo by Barcroft Media

We’re done with the Golden Globe awards which is considered as the hardcore beginning of the awards season. As usual, there were happy, surprises and snubs on the list of winners. We get to see a sneak peek on what we might witness at the Oscars. There were so many stars. It was hosted by Jimmy Fallon. Now, I will do a rundown of my reactions on the ceremony and the winners.

I love the opening. It was a great homage to eventual sweeper La La Land. We get to see Nicole Kidman, Sarah Paulson and other stars sing and have fun with the musical number. Everything was lovely. Probably one of the best awards ceremony opening in recent years. It’s unforgettable. But, sadly, this is the only part where Jimmy Fallon was great on the show.

Let’s go to Jimmy Fallon as host first. We can see his effort to make the show fun. We watched him do jokes. We see him do punch lines but he wasn’t at the level of Tina Fey & Amy Poehler or Ricky Gervais. He failed to do interactive jokes to the star studded audience which what makes those previous hosts’ ceremonies fun. If he will host again, please make it more fun. Some people got bored based on the live tweets.

I’m going to react to the winners now. Let’s start with The Night Manager. The HFPA love them so much that they got all their acting nominations. Tom Hiddleston was able to share his South Sudan speech. Hugh Laurie was able to joke about being the “last Golden Globe”. Too bad that Olivia Colman wasn’t there.

Sarah Paulson got another deserving nod for her mesmerizing performance as Marcia Clark. Only SAG left to complete her awards season journey as Marcia Marcia Marcia.

Donald Glover won for his new show Atlanta and the said show won for Best Comedy Series and it is not a surprise given that they usually give awards on television to new shows every year. Just look at the history. It also explains the winning of Billy Bob Thornton, Claire Foy and The Crown.

Speaking of The Crown, John Lithgow was snubbed but, at least, the show won for Best Drama Series and Claire Foy won. It’s already enough. It’s a great news for fans like me.

Tracee Ellis Ross won for Best Actress in a Comedy Series and she’s the first black winner in this category since 35 years ago when Debbie Allen won. Nice.

Let’s go to the movies now. La La Land swept all the categories where it is nominated for. Not a surprise. Looking forward to watch the movie now which will be in the local cinemas here starting this Wednesday.

To our surprise, Isabelle Huppert won for Elle. I can’t comment if she deserves it yet as I will watch it in a few days. Another surprise is Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s win for Nocturnal Animals. It’s the biggest surprise of the night and it was even the first category presented. I was seriously rooting for Simon Helberg.

Zootopia won. It’s an unquestionable win. As well as Viola Davis for Fences.

Casey Affleck won and I found his acceptance speech too awkward and he needs to practice that in the Oscars. And shave his beard as well.

Moonlight won for Best Motion Picture – Drama. The only win of the film during the night and it’s a sign as well that it’s going to be an awards season dark horse. Watch out, La La Land.

Meryl Streep’s speech was lovely. I have no words to say. She deserves the lifetime achievement award that she got. She gave the best speech ever given the current situation in our world. She’s always awesome. I respect her more. I love her more. Meryl is our queen.

Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield made out. The Deadpool/Spider-Man gay fantasy of young girls became true.

That’s all. Next is the SAG awards at the end of the month.


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