Here Comes the Awards Season

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Photo by Summit Entertainment

It’s currently the awards season in Hollywood. It’s the season where films that want to receive Oscar nominations will have a limited release in cinemas this December for eligibility then they will go wide in January. It’s also the season where you will see a lot of FYC campaigns and films that were shot earlier this year just in time for the season. Now, let’s talk about it.

The Critics Choice Awards is considered as the start of the awards seasons. You might have heard La La Land several times and the names of Casey Affleck, Natalie Portman, Mahershala Ali, and Viola Davis. Then, there’s the announcement of the nominees for the Golden Globe and SAG Awards. Now, that’s the official start of the awards seasons. Numerous films are in contention for the Oscars as shown by those three awards shows. Let’s be honest. Some of these films were shot earlier this year so that they will have time for post-production just in time for the awards season. It’s actually the same scenario every year. There are always films in which some of them were shot earlier that year because of the intention to release it just in time for awards season. There are also films that will have limited release this December then they will go wide in January. The reason for the limited release this December is simply for the eligibility period. But, are those things bad? Is it a good thing? Well. If the film is great, then it’s good and there should be no problem.

La La Land is currently dominating the awards season and it’s for a great reason. The film goes back to the magical time in the Golden Age of Hollywood where original musicals dominate the silver screen. Plus, it’s visually engaging and it’s very magical and dreamy. They have the factors that both the critics and audience will love. Actually, everyone will love it. It would be lovely to see this film dominating because this is also the film that I’m most excited for this year. I want to watch it in cinemas to enjoy the magic and there’s no official release date yet here in the Philippines but, hopefully, it will be before classes start. Damien Chazelle’s direction and Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling’s performances were praised. The same with the musical score and numbers. Actually, everything is great about the movie. The reviews made it look like the movie is so perfect so I can’t really wait to see this. Expect this to be the number one Oscar contender.


Photo by A24

There’s also Moonlight which is receiving a lot of praises as well. Mahershala Ali is considered as the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actor for this film. Naomie Harris is considered as lock for an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress also for this film. Barry Jenkins is expected to receive a directing nomination. There’s also the movie Manchester by the Sea in which Casey Affleck is expected to be the frontrunner for Best Actor for this film. Michelle Williams and Lucas Hedges are expected to receive nominations for their supporting performances. The film is also expected to receive directing and writing nomination. Another movie that is also receiving praises is Fences. Viola Davis is considered as the frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress while Denzel Washington is expected to receive a nomination for Best Actor and Best Director. Natalie Portman is one of the frontrunners for Best Actress for Jackie. Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge, Elle, Hell or High Water, Lion, Loving, Sully, 20th Century Women, Nocturnal Animals, Silence, Hidden FiguresFlorence Foster Jenkins and many more are also expected to rule the awards season.

Anyway, there’s a lot of films that are in contention at the Oscars. A lot of films will added to my list of movies to watch. I’ll try to watch some of them in cinemas because nothing beats the experience of watching it on the big screen. Good luck to all the contenders. This is going to be an interesting awards season given the contenders. It’s going to be another day in the sun.


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