Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – My Review


Photo by Lucasfilm

I watched this film six days ago. I decided to finally make a review of the film which now turns out to be my favorite Star Wars movie (I mean second to “A New Hope”). But, anyway, I enjoyed this film. It was awesome. Now, I’m going to do a breakdown of my review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. This review will contain SPOILERS.

The film doesn’t have the traditional opening crawl but they do have a prologue that sets fifteen years before the main events of the film. I was actually disappointed at first when I found out that there will be no opening crawl but, when I watched the film, I realized that the film is better without it. It’s a standalone film so they are making it as different as the trilogy films.

There are a bunch of new characters introduced in this film. There’s the protagonist, Jyn Erso. She’s a very interesting female protagonist in the universe. There’s so much depth in her and the film was able to introduce the aspects of the character. Plus, Felicity Jones did a great job on portraying her. We were also introduced to Cassian Andor played by Diego Luna. Another interesting character. The thing that I love about this film is that they didn’t do any romantic story line between Jyn and Cassian. There were some hints throughout the film especially in the climax but, at the end, nothing happened since they died. Let’s not forget Chirrut Imwe played by Donnie Yen. I knew Donnie Yen before because he’s a very popular martial arts actor here in Asia. I was introduced to him when I saw some Ip Man 2 posters in Singapore but this is the first time that I was introduced to his talent and he was so awesome. He’s an instant favorite with a memorable quote that will make us remember it for a long time. There’s also Jiang Wen as Baze Malbus. He’s also an interesting badass character but I think he needs more exposure although, still, his character was able to serve his purpose in film which makes him a satisfying character in the story.


Photo by Lucasfilm

Who wouldn’t forget K-2SO, the C-3PO of the gang? Well. He’s not exactly like C-3PO but they are both funny. They both hate the odds and everything but K-2SO is more honest. He’s a scene stealer in the movie and he has a lot of funny moments. We also have Riz Adhmed as Bodhi Rook who is a character that surprisingly has more exposure than what the trailers and marketing said. There’s not much any promotion regarding the character in the marketing but, if you will watch the film, you will see him a lot throughout until the end. He was introduced like how Cassian and the others were introduced. So, I guess that the reason why Bodhi wasn’t promoted much is possibly because it’s for like some sort of misleading marketing like how Adina Porter is credited as guest star on every episode of American Horror Story: Roanoke even though her character Lee Harris is one of the main characters. But, again, Bodhi Rook was an amazing character. He’s very likable. He got enough exposure.


Photo by Lucasfilm

After watching the film, I’m pretty sure that Director Orson Krennic will now be included in the list of the best Star Wars villains. You can see how he wants to be powerful in the Empire and you can see his dedication on his job. The motivations are present and Ben Mendelsohn’s performance helped us understand why Krennic is like that. He became an interesting villain especially when he faced off with a villain that we knew for a long time (revealing it in just a moment). There’s also Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso. I’m glad to see him playing a non-villain role. He may sound like a villain based on the marketing or the beginning of the film but he’s really not. He’s just a representation of someone in the Empire who doesn’t want to be part of it but forced to out of love for his family especially to his daughter Jyn. He could be the best father in Star Wars history. Also, Mads was great as usual. No doubt. Last but not the least is Saw Gerrera played by Forest Whitaker. In all main characters in the film, he is the most familiar character. We’ve seen him before in the “Clone Wars” animated series and now he’s live action in this film. He is a character that you won’t see a lot but his importance will be more on a reminder that the Rebellion is built on hope. I’m not going to talk about much on the importance of Saw Gerrera in this film but he is like the symbol of an old Rebellion. Don’t expect a lot of Saw Gerrera moments but you will still be satisfied about his appearance. He has memorable moments and Forest Whitaker’s acting helped it. Now, after talking about these characters, let’s go to the already-introduced characters.

We all know that Darth Vader will appear thanks to the trailers and the news reports several months ago. Darth Vader’s appearance was fun in the movie and I’m glad to hear James Earl Jones’ voice again. He had a great scene at the end which showcases why Darth Vader is such a badass character. Of course, there’s also Grand Moff Tarkin in which, surprisingly, he has more appearance that what we’ve thought. Also, I love the visual effects that they used to bring back Peter Cushing for this film. I was surprised because it’s still looks like the Grand Moff Tarkin from the 1977 film and the visual effects team did a great job on resurrecting him. He has a lot of appearance which makes it compelling. I was really amazed about how they resurrected him. It’s also nice to see him acting with Krennic. It’s strange but awesome. C-3PO and R2-D2 also have a cameo which was also a surprise when I watched it. It’s nice that they still appeared. Most importantly, the most important appearance of all is Princess Leia at the very end of the movie. I was also amazed about how they resurrected the young Carrie Fisher for the scene. The visual effects team did a great job. I can’t believe that they did it. Princess Leia really has to appear in the movie given her importance in the Death Star plans according to Episode IV but it’s really surreal to see young Carrie Fisher again.

Plot-wise, everything is satisfying from beginning to end. I enjoyed every single moment from the prologue until Princess Leia’s “Hope” at the end. The characters were introduced very well and we get to love every single one of them. The visual effects were outstanding as usual. I love how nostalgic the movie is especially with the production design. There are reminders of the original 1977 film throughout and I love how they connected it to that film. They made all the possible connections and the beginning of “A New Hope” made sense now. We get to know everything and it added information about the universe. Michael Giacchino’s score was tremendous and perhaps it’s a tribute to John Williams. If that’s the case, he did a great job on that. Overall, the Force is strong with this film. It’s literally built on hope which is why it became one of the best Star Wars movies to date.


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