Yet Another Dog Grief

I’m currently busy right now from all these bunch of school works that I have do. There’s really plenty of them. It’s unstoppable but it’s okay since there’s only less than two weeks left before the semester ends.

But, in the middle of all that…yet another dog grief happened. Mimi passed away. The last surviving puppy has died. The cause of her death is similar to her sister Kara who died two days before. They were both sick. We don’t know exactly what sickness did they have. I just feel sad right now especially for their mother Chi who is grieving. She was beside her daughter’s body before she was buried. I felt weak when I saw how sad Chi is when her last baby has also died. She loved her kids so much. I can feel the sadness in her heart.

But, life goes on. Until now, I’m still grieving about the death of Mimi and Kara deep inside because of two reasons: I felt sad for their mother and I loved them both very much. Also, it’s not because I named Mimi after my crush but it’s because they were like my babies and I loved them so much. They would always greet me whenever I arrive from school. Now, their parents Chi and Snowy are the ones who will greet me now when I arrive at home.

As I move on to do the school works that I need to do, I will always treasure the moments that I spent with Mimi and Kara. I will always love them from the bottom of my heart. Chi and Snowy will miss them so much. I will also miss them. Gone too soon. Farewell, Mimi and Kara.


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