Arrowverse Invasion Crossover: My Reaction


Photo by The CW

I want to take note that I don’t watch The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow but I watch Supergirl. I watched the four-part crossover since it started on Supergirl so I’m obligated to watch the entire crossover. Now, let’s go to my reaction.

BEST. TEAM UP. EVER! Felicity said exactly my reaction about the four-part crossover. It’s probably one of the best crossover ever in television and I don’t even watch three of those shows so I kinda confused to myself about why I was able to enjoy it but it was really awesome and fun.

I’m a comic book fan so I’m a sucker for anything comic book. I love both Marvel and DC. When it comes to television, I prefer DC. When it comes to movies, I prefer Marvel. The crossover was like reading comic books which is why I loved it.

The crossover started with Supergirl. It was self-contained. The crossover didn’t start until the last scene where Barry and Cisco called Kara to get her help. The whole episode was nice and I understand that they didn’t do the crossover much since it’s on different Earth although there’s the blue circle thing throughout the episode so it’s still a reference to the crossover. But, it would be nice if Martian Manhunter or cousin Superman would have joined. It would be more epic. Maybe I should pitch that to Greg Berlanti.

The Flash is the real start of the crossover. They showed the problem that made them have this crossover which is the Dominators. The scene where the team met each other was awesome but the highlight here is the scene where Green Arrow and The Flash have to fight the mind-controlled Supergirl and the others. It was an epic sequence and I didn’t expect that kind of scene given that it’s on a television show.

The Arrow episode in the crossover was mostly about Oliver and the squad since it’s the show’s 100th episode so I understand that they didn’t focus much on the main problem of the crossover until the final act. I think the episode was a treat for the fans of the show. I didn’t feel any hype since I don’t really watch the show but I can see how it’s a huge episode for the fans.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the climax and culmination of the crossover. It’s where everything leads to. I can’t describe in words how much I love the final part of the crossover. The battle sequence is the best moment on the entire crossover and I still can’t believe that it happened even though they are working on a CW budget. It’s like watching a feature length film. Also, I love Cisco’s pop culture references especially the unexpected nod to Stranger Things. At the end, we learned that it’s now possible for Kara to travel on Earth-1 from her Earth. So, I’m expecting more crossover in the future which is going to be exciting. Also, lastly, let’s shall not forget the funniest moment of the crossover at the last part where Ray Palmer (played by ex-Superman Brandon Routh) said that Kara looks a lot like his cousin. It’s an epic nod to Superman Returns that I laughed so hard when that scene happened.

Overall, the four-part crossover was the best. Words can’t describe how much I love the crossover because everything was epic from start to beginning. I’m looking forward for more DC CW crossover in the near future. Also, I heard that The Flash and Supergirl will have a musical crossover early next year so I’m really looking forward to that and it makes sense since Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist were Glee alumni. I want to praise the creative team behind the crossover for making it possible. Hopefully, on the next crossover, they will be joined by Martian Manhunter and, in my inner nerd’s wildest dream, Superman. Greg Berlanti, please make it possible!


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