Welcome to my world!

I used to have a blog before but I decided to stop because there’s nothing exciting in my life that is worth blogging for…until now.

A lot of people blog nowadays and I’ve been encountering bloggers who are very passionate about what they do. It made me look back on the blog that I had before and it made me think if I should do it again even though I’m busy right now. It gave me a lot of thinking (this is my own version of Stephen Strange going to Kamar-Taj) and I decided that I should do blogging again. It could be about anything. It could be about my anecdotes, travels, movie reviews or anything that I want to write in my world.

The idea of making this blog as “my world” came to me because of one of my favorite TV shows right now called Westworld. Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins’ character) is like a God in Westworld. I realized that in this blog, I’m like the God here and the blog posts are the hosts. The visitors of my blog are the human visitors in Westworld. Does it sound like a good metaphor? If you don’t understand it, try to watch the show.

Anyway, I hope that you will enjoy visiting and reading my blog. It’s going to be fun. Also, expect a blog post in the future where I will talk about a news report for a school project. But, of course, this blog is still about my world.

So…let the blogging begin!